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Hall of Foam

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Welcome to Arena’s Famous Hall of Foam 2024!

Prepare yourself for an epic journey into the world of brews! Follow these steps to get yourself inducted into this prestigious fellowship…

  • Step 1: Visit your favorite Arena’s location and request a Hall of Foam punch card from your trusty server or bartender. They’ll mark your name and date on the card, so guard it with your life – there’s no backup!
  • Step 2: Armed with your Hall of Foam card, set forth to conquer your thirst at your favorite Arena’s or at any of our Arena’s Locations across Delaware, the choice is yours.
  • Step 3: With 80 delicious beers waiting to be savored, the journey ahead is filled with excitement and rewards! Simply order one of the beers on the card then sit back and enjoy! Make sure to ask your server to punch your card so you get credit!

What’s on the HOF card:

  • Kickstart your adventure with 5 mandatory slots, including a tour of our local breweries: Dewey Beer Co., Mispillion River Brewing, Dogfish Head, First State Brewing, and the mysterious “Bartender’s Choice.”
  • Unlock the remaining punches by indulging in any of the brews featured on the inside of the card.

HOF Prizes:

  • Reach the milestone of 20 beers and earn yourself a coveted sticker.
  • With 40 beers under your belt, claim your prize – a stylish huggie to keep your brews cool.
  • Toast to your achievements with a branded pint glass when you hit the 60-beer mark.
  • Once you have finished 80 beers, prepare for your moment of glory! Head to the bar to have your picture taken so it can forever grace the Hall of Foam! Plus, as one of the elite few to complete this legendary quest, you’ll receive a special limited edition t-shirt as a badge of honor.

So, what are you waiting for!? Grab your 2024 Hall of Foam card at participating Arena’s, rally your fellow beer enthusiasts, and embark on the adventure of a lifetime! Let the Hall of Foam quest begin!

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